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Teaching activity

Father Krąpiec was a creative thinker. Philosophy was a passion of his life. So, with unfading eagerness he was always searching for truth and speaking of the truth to others. His authentic fondness for truth as well as his firm opinion of truth as the fundamental value to both human life and culture made others (his disciples, auditors and fellow workers) follow him. He was a very revered teacher indeed. As the teacher he promoted about three hundreds of MAs and sixty PhDs (among which were also foreigners, from Ukraine and Africa). For over five decades professor Krąpiec has had an important impact on philosophical culture shaping several generations of philosophers. For fifty years he's been working on creating the future science personnel in various philosophical centers in Poland and abroad. Numbers of his disciples are active in scientific circles now, developing and teaching realistic philosophy in Poland. Among his disciples who work in the academic world are the following: Archbishop Cardinal M. Jaworski, A.B. Stępień, W. Stróżewski, Bishop B. Bejze, Z.J. Zdybicka, T. Kwiatkowski, E. Morawiec, A. Woźnicki, A. Wawrzyniak, R.J. Weksler-Waszinel, A. Maryniarczyk, P. Jaroszyński, H. Kiereś, K. Wroczyński, W. Dłubacz, W. Chudy, J. Sochoń, bishop I. Dec, H. McDonald, B. Paź. He took part in numerous doctoral and professorial studies as the promoter or reviewer.

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