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(1) Struktura bytu. Charakterystyczne elementy systemu Arystotelesa i Tomasza z Akwinu [Structure of Being. Characteristic elements of the system of Aristotle and of Thomas Aquinas], Lublin 1963, pp. 361 (second edition revised in: Dzieła [Works] vol. V, Lublin 1995);
(2) Arystotelesowska koncepcja substancji. Ogólna teoria i wybór tekstów [Aristotle's Conception of Substance. General Theory and Texts Anthology], with Żeleźniak as co-author, Poznań 1966, pp. 558;
(3) Metaphysics. An Outline of the Theory of Being, trans. M. Lescoe, A. Woznicki, Th. Sandok, New York-London 1991 (Polish third edition in: Dzieła [Works] vol. VII, Lublin 1995, Warszawa 2003);
(4) collaboration on editing for the first time in Poland very fundamental work for students and philosophers which is trilingual version of Aristotle's Metaphysics (text in Greek, Latin and Polish) where M.A. Kąpiec elaborated and prepared Polish text, with assistance of A. Maryniarczyk who was also an editor-in-chief of the enterprise, while T. Żeleźnik took his part in translation, vol. 1 (pp.409) and vol. 2 (pp.427), Lublin 2000.

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