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Literary output

Father Krąpiec did research in all the main dimensions of philosophical reflection, resulting in numerous monographs on metaphysics, the methodology of metaphysics, philosophical anthropology, the philosophy of law, the philosophy of politics, the philosophy of culture (of science, ethics, religion and art), the philosophy of language, the metaphysics of cognition, the philosophy of the nation, and of course, on Christian culture. His literary output includes about thirty books and over four hundred articles, studies and treatises. The aspect of existence that is predominant in all his reflections makes his philosophy a coherent system that explains the whole of the reality. In Krąpiec's metaphysics, the unity of cognition, man and the world is determined and predominated by the unity of being. His works on metaphysics brought many original conclusions, including the following: he pointed out to existential statement as absolutely primary and immediate; he clarified the method of metaphysical separation; he emphasized the significance of the integral language of metaphysics; he separated transcendental cognition; he formulated the theory of the analogy of being and cognition; he joined individual and social ethics to the foundation of natural law; he formulated the conception of man as a sovereign person as the basis upon which afterward is built the whole of culture (science, ethics, art and religion). Always faithful to realism, for over fifty years of consistent work Krąpiec has elaborated a coherent system that embraces in its metaphysical explanation the whole of the reality available to human cognition ever. Because of its versatility and great merit, Krąpiec's philosophy is the greatest achievement of classic philosophy in Poland and worldwide of the 20th century. The look at the world that it reveals shows unity and harmony between man and the world he lives in, opening man to the unity with the transcendental Absolute at the same time.

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